Tips On What To Wear To A Party

Going to any party will get anyone excited if you have the right thing to wear. You will not feel out of place if you choose the right outfit. Choosing the right outfit for a party depends on what kind of party it is. Once you have figured out the other aspects like the venue and the time, you can go on to choose an outfit that is suitable.

If it is a theme party, you can check online for outfits for the particular theme, then choose something similar to your closet. Wear something that will put you in a great mood. No need to go overboard and get uncomfortable outfits that you will hate before the night is through. If the party is low-key and casual, jeans and a statement T-shirt is a good way to go.

You will also need to think about how far into the evening the party will go. If it begins during the late afternoon and ends in the earlier hours of the night, carry something to keep you warm. It can be a great jacket or eve a light trench coat during the colder months.

For cocktail parties, choose something formal but celebratory. An elegant evening will be great with a good dress and the right accessories. A good set of earrings and a small clutch will be perfect. If it is a house party, keep things simple. If you’re feeling like a simple outfit is too plain, pick one item that stands out. It could glitter sneakers, a great hat, etc.

It is always important to remember that how you want to present yourself is the key to choosing an outfit. No need to do something that is not working for you just to fit in. You can also ask for advice from another person that you might be going with.

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Tips for Vintage Style Summer Costumes for Street Style Fashion

Do you love the vintage style in all aspects of your life? If so, you should seriously consider a vintage costume for portraying your style of fashion this summer.

Street Style Fashion

When discussing fashion, most of us already know that many old trends do make a comeback. If you have been looking through Instagram posts but cannot find anything catchy, there is always the possibility of starting a new trend. Return to the oldies that people have been attracted to for a very long time. This summer, dress in vintage-style summer clothes to look your absolute best. The following are some ideas for vintage style to help you do exactly that.

1930’s Wide-legged Flair

wide-legged pants

Whether you spend your summer nights at a party or the beach, wide-legged pants along with any top can create the very best outfit. In addition to keeping your cool this summer, this type of costume will help you make a great fashion statement.

1960’s Crochet Mini Dresses

Crochet Mini dress

No matter what type of occasion you are planning on visiting this summer, a fashion style statement can be made by wearing a 1960’s Crochet Mini Dress. In this costume, you will look very cool and definitely make a strong summer-style fashion statement.

1970’s bell-sleeve baby


You may see men with bell pans on, but do you ever see women in bell-sleeved shirts? It is a 1970’s retro-style costume. Whenever you wear this type of costume to a summer party it will turn everyone’s head. Although it might disrupt visitors to look at you instead of the party’s hosts, this costume will allow you to definitely make a fashion style statement.

1980’s Graphic Tees

Graphic tees

This summer if you are looking to have a relaxed weekend look, you can wear a graphic tee with jeans. This 1980’s fad can definitely help you make a fashion statement this summer.


This summer is a great time to bring a retro-style look back. Feel free to experiment with different styles and looks. If you end up with things you don’t like, you can always call a junk removal in Fort Collins to take it away for you.


Ideas for Men to Dress Themselves up This Summer

Fashion and style are not just for women, men too wish to read a style statement appropriate for the season. Here are some ideas to spice up for men on this summer.

mens fashion

In fact, I should start by saying that the menswear spring/summer 2017 fashion week, really helped men to gain some ideas and inspirations. This year, the street style fashion was vibrant like the previous years. To help out men to make a style statement this year, we scouted the streets and have narrowed down some ideas:

White out:

Head to toe white always makes a summer style statement not just for men, but also for women. In fact, a white costume will certainly make a bold statement on your behalf. If it is weekend wear, most men choose more elaborate silhouettes that are inspired by orientation.

White out

For a more grounded look, you can team an excellent white jeans pant with a humble white t-shirt. To add spiciness, you can go for a navy or emerald baseball cap. An excellent style statement though.

Moving back to your childhood memories:

Most of us loved wearing colorful shirts and trousers with images like dogs, cats, teddies, birds and other stuff. This type of shirts and trousers is the present trend among men this summer.

colorful shirts

You can portray yourself in bright color shirts and pants with such designs on this summer. You can stay cool by choosing cotton collection of this type. When you accompany your costume with appropriate accessories you will look great for sure.

Shirts inspired from Pyjamas:

Do you love wearing pyjamas to keep yourself cool on summers?

Shirts inspired from Pyjamas

If this is the case, you should truly consider pyjamas-type shirts to showcase your fashion style this summer. Of course, you can get the coolness and relaxation you expect from such a costume.

Just buckle up for more style and fashion this summer with these useful ideas!


Summer Street Style Fashion to Dress Yourself up This Summer

Ah! Summer is out. The great season to dress yourself up for cool outings! Here are some fashion ideas to consider.

Summer Street Style Fashion

Ah! Summer, the season for rooftop barbecues that attract us for a lot of outings! The great season, where you are inspired by the Instagram posts of your friends portraying themselves in their beach vacation. Great fashion enthusiasts show interest to portray themselves on attractive outfits for summer.

New collection:

Let me tell you one thing: New season always inspires new wardrobe. As the temperature continues to rise, not just fashion, but you should pay attention to keeping your cool. Here are some fresh summer outfit ideas. From eye-catching colors to matching separates, here are some ideas that will prepare you for your warm-weather looks:

Colorful stripes:

Colorful stripes

Yes, stripes can always give you a great look. Particularly, if you are a short person, wearing a skirt with vertical stripes can give you an elevated look. You can embrace colorful stripes. Skirts or maxi dresses with such a design can truly make you stand out.

A girly print:

A girly print

In general, costumes with dots are known to bring you girly look that you look for. For summer, short dresses can truly count on you.

Pairing such a short dress with a pair of combat boots can truly add a twist to your costume this summer.

Gain focal point on any outfit:

Gain focal point on any outfit

You might have come across denim mini-skirts with excellent embroidery work. Such a skirt can add an excellent focal point irrespective of the top you choose. Of course, a white full-sleeve top can truly add a style statement like the image below:

Get playful:

Get playful

Do you wish to portray yourself as a playful girl? Yes, you can make a style statement this summer with bold costumes with summer-inspired prints. Here is an excellent example image to have a look at:

To wrap up, I wish each day this summer should bring you great joy and of course, the day should bring you the opportunity to make your style statement.

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